In Flight Beauty Routine by Beau Dunn

Long flights cause chaos for your skin. Here is my in-flight beauty routine for those hours in the air!

Clean : Cleansing is so important on a flight, as you don't want to keep old makeup on during those hours of downtime. My favorite inflight cleansers are the Koh Gen Do cleansing spa water cloths , as you can cleanse anytime, anywhere. They are great for sensitive skin, and keep your skin feeling super clean!

Moisture: Moisturizing is absolute key to in flight beauty, as airplane cabins have low humidity, which means moisture free- and will draw moisture from wherever it can, including your skin! Must have moisturizers for my travel are the SK-ii Moisture Mask, La Mer Moisture Cream, and the La Praire Anti-Aging Lip & Eye Perfector ! These three are heavy duty, and absolutely work! 

Drink : W A T E R! Enough said - start guzzling!

Sleep: If you can, get some ZZ's. I just flew almost 20 hours two days ago, and sleep is so important. I always try and find the local time to where I'm traveling, and if a long flight (I just flew LAX to Hong Kong which was 15 hours), calculate my time zones, to avoid jet lag !

The Art of Packing by Beau Dunn

PACKING ORDER Start by putting the heaviest items flat at the bottom
of the suitcase. Place your toiletries bag with its base against the

SHOES Put shoes in felt bags. The empty space inside each shoe can be used for belts, accessories, and socks.

JACKET/PANTS/SKIRT To reduce creasing, interlace your jacket with pants and
a skirt. First, button the jacket and lay it face
up and flat. Fold pants in half and put on top. Place the skirt, folded lengthwise,
on top of the pants. Then fold in the sleeves and the bottom of the jacket over the top.

ACCESSORIES Place on top of clothing to keep it from moving.

EVENING Additional space can be used
for a dress, folded in half.

Happy travels!