Exer More Then Urgent Care / by Beau Dunn

Last night, I was attempting to cook for the first time in years. I have been watching Top Chef, and absolutely inspired to hobble around the kitchen on crutches and create a three course meal. I ordered a veggie slicer, and started working away. Of course 2 minutes into slicing, I slice the tip of my pinky off. My mom was to the rescue, wrapping my pinky up and and applying pressure. The bleeding continued through the morning, and decided I had to go to the emergency room. Of course I don't want to sit at Cedars for the next 8 hours - thats why I went straight to my favorite health care emergency room - EXER MORE THAN URGENT CARE. I signed in, went straight into a room, and within 20 minutes, my finger was numb, clean, and being bandaged after applying a little glue. I am the BiGGEST fan of EXER because they take insurance, its clean, fast, and luxurious! Thank you EXER for saving my ass!