Beau's 5th Annual Pumpkin Party / by Beau Dunn

As I grow up, the more I realize how important it is to stay a child. I know, crazy logic but it works, in the end. Halloween has always been an "event" for me. Not only, did I enjoy the classic joy of getting all that is sweet and rotten but every 31st also meant that I could go pumpkin carving mad.

I mean, how can I resist saying no to creating a little "monster" all on my own?

Well, as I grew up, my love for Halloween stayed with me and so impromptu pumpkin decorations evolved into my far too glamourous Annual Pumpkin Party.

Yes, I am one of the few, who like to appreciate the little orange guy, because Halloween isn't just about witches and ghosts, well it is but pumpkins matter too!

I do have to make a confession though. I love themed foods. Give me a good witch cookie and we'll probably become best friends and wear couple Halloween costumes, of course.

Thankfully, my friends indulge my flights of fancy and that is why my party is complete with a potluck.

Everyone brings a ghoulish dish and we sit together, drink far more than we should and carve and decorate our pumpkins.