Hair maintenance while traveling abroad / by Beau Dunn

Traveling abroad is the downfall to my locks, as every element is detrimental to your color, cut, and texture. If you know me, you know I am useless when it comes to doing my own hair, so of course I always get tips from my BFF and hair goddess, Nikki Lee, co-owner of Nine Zero One Salon and the popular must read Beauty Coach . Here are our tricks to maintaining great color, and keeping your locks in tip top shape while traveling abroad.

Purple Conditioner: Nikki absolutely swears by EVO Fabululoso Purple Conditioner . While traveling, my hair turns brassy from the sun, the ocean, and above all the shower water. Nikki suggests washing hair with a regular shampoo, and following up with the purple conditioner. Although the bottle says for Blondes, this absolutely works for all hair colors including brunettes. I used this weekly while in Thailand, and could not believe how well it kept my color, without turning it red.

Leave in Conditioner: Unite 7 Seconds, Leave in Conditioner is absolutely one of my favorite products to travel with. Its perfect to keep in your beach bag. I use this at night, after a shower, and right before I go into the ocean. I will wet my hair, spray this in, and throw my hair in a simple side braid while swimming. This keeps your tresses untangled, and soft and silky.

Sprays: I am so in love with Oribe's Travel size sprays, including the Impermeable Anti-Humidity Spray. This was such a life saver in the heat, and humidity of Asia. Its great for UV production, along with combats against frizz, which is an obvious while traveling abroad!