Panda Conservation and Research Volunteer Program / by Beau Dunn

đź“ŤDujiangyan, China

While planning my trip to Thailand, I spent hours upon hours searching for animal related activities, where I could actually make a difference. I stumbled across photos of people in blue suits snuggling pandas- I knew just then I had to go! From Bangkok, James and I flew North-East to Chengdu China, which was a 3.5 hour flight with Thai Airways. We had an amazing travel guide named Kevin, who drove us over an hour outside the city, to the Dujiangyan Panda Conservation and Research Volunteer Program. The program was designed to give volunteers a crash course in the panda wilderness training program. The volunteer program includes cleaning panda enclosures, preparing food, attending panda classes, and planting bamboo and trees. The training base also allows volunteers to take a picture with a panda. This was an experience I will never forget, and definitely on the top of my list of travel musts!