In Flight Beauty Routine / by Beau Dunn

Long flights cause chaos for your skin. Here is my in-flight beauty routine for those hours in the air!

Clean : Cleansing is so important on a flight, as you don't want to keep old makeup on during those hours of downtime. My favorite inflight cleansers are the Koh Gen Do cleansing spa water cloths , as you can cleanse anytime, anywhere. They are great for sensitive skin, and keep your skin feeling super clean!

Moisture: Moisturizing is absolute key to in flight beauty, as airplane cabins have low humidity, which means moisture free- and will draw moisture from wherever it can, including your skin! Must have moisturizers for my travel are the SK-ii Moisture Mask, La Mer Moisture Cream, and the La Praire Anti-Aging Lip & Eye Perfector ! These three are heavy duty, and absolutely work! 

Drink : W A T E R! Enough said - start guzzling!

Sleep: If you can, get some ZZ's. I just flew almost 20 hours two days ago, and sleep is so important. I always try and find the local time to where I'm traveling, and if a long flight (I just flew LAX to Hong Kong which was 15 hours), calculate my time zones, to avoid jet lag !