Pool Beauty Essentials

Laying poolside can be relaxing and luxurious: but secretly damaging at the same time. Your face and body should never reveal your love for the sun or chlorine, particularly during swimsuit season. But spending too many hours basking in the sun — and then add in a few too many poolside margaritas, anyone could end up a little hung over and splotchy. But with the right pool side essentials, you can go ahead and lay out — and your skin won’t be the wiser. Here, the key elements for fun in the sun.

 I am not a huge sunscreen fan because of the over bearing smell - and layer of residual that is left coating your skin. Until now! My dear friend Cheryl suggested I try Coola Sport, after using it on her two beautiful children. Organic, ultra sheer, naturally scented, and antioxidant infused. YES PLEASE! This has become my every day go - to and perfect for pool side. Its easily recognizable with its tiffany blue hue, which makes it so easy to grab out of my messy purse. 

Coola Sport
SPF 30 Pina Colada Sunscreen and Environmental Protection

Whether your poolside, beachside, or at a festival, Evian Facial Sprays are always a must have! I travel with these in my purse incase I ever feel over heated, whip one out, and start spraying. The refreshing mist removes perspiration, harmful salt, or chlorine. This mini sized bottle rehydrates sun-burned skin, leaving you pool side ready.

Facial Mineral Water Spray

One women I owe my pool ready body to is Jenni Blafer, of Sunkissed Jenni for my perfect bronzed booty. My problem is, I can't bring Jenni with me everywhere I go! Thats why I bring St Tropez, everyday gradual tan with me on trips and poolside. It nourishes the body, and includes skincare benefits such as soothing aloe vera, while gradually giving you a golden tan. A must have!  

St Tropez
Everyday Gradual Tan for Body

Limited Edition Tom Ford lip conditioner in the color Sweet Spot is a must have for any poolside jet-setter. Including a gorgeous mix of shea butter and vitamin E and C, helps your gorgeous lips keep hydrated, colorful and filled with moisture - perfect for the poolside. Did I mention the case is STUNNING with the gold color accents - I will not be ashamed to pull this out for any touch ups!

Tom Ford
Beauty Lip Condoner, Sweet Spot

Shiseido, Extra smooth sun protection lotion in SPF 38 PA++ is an extra-smooth, sheer sunscreen for the face and body that defends powerful UVA/UVB rays. Water resistant up to 80 minutes, makes this lotion the prefect pool side necessity for anti-aging and anti-burn fun. Its small enough to keep in your bag for every day use.

Sun Protection Lotion SPF 38

I always keep a moisturizer close by when at the pool because I like to keep my face hydrated in the heat. This Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer is a must have because while hydrating, it minimizes appearance of lines and wrinkles - aka anti aging! Two for one! Enriched with sea plant extracts this moisturizer is so light, you can't even tell its on. Its container is a great travel size and perfect for a girl on the go.

Kate Somerville
Oil Free Moisturizer

Sunglasses are an obvious pool essential, but with so many hot pairs out in the market, how can you choose? My favorite for the past year have been the amazing Celine Audrey Sunnies. Polarized, and beyond chic, they are the perfect must have everyday sunglasses. Oversized and designed after Audrey Hepburn herself, they come in a number of different colors and are flattering on just about everyone.

Audrey Sunglasses