Pre-Holiday Workout with Body By Simone

I started my New Years resolution early this year, as I have been religiously committed to working out with Erica Hood and Michelle Cameron, my personal trainers at Body By Simone. 

Body By Simone was created by Simone De La Rue, who currently has studios in LA and NYC. BBS creates strong, powerful bodies from the inside out, achieving the desired dancer's physique - long and lean in an exclusive and private boutique environment 

I have taken privates at BBS because of numerous health issues including two herniated discs in my lower back. I have seen such a change in my body, due to working on my core strength - and to be super honest, have little to no back pain now because of my working out.

If you live in either city, I highly recommend putting BBS on your NYE Goal List for 2016! If you dont live in LA or NY, you can order the BBS DVD HERE and workout in the comfort of your own home.