Munchkin HQ curated by Beau Dunn



Welcome to Munchkin Museum of Contemporary Art. This was the biggest project I've worked on, which spanned from 2013 - 2014. I was asked to curate the Munchkin HQ in Van Nuys, California. I was able to play creative director, curator and artist, for this unique and one of a kind space. I was asked to bring in the best of the best artists from around the world,  to create the largest privately owned custom art and street art collection, which included inside and outside space.

This past year I have focused on putting together my own art show, but working with other creatives on this project, and more importantly, my friends, was one of the best learning experiences. The first wall completed, was hand painted by Gregory Siff, which I was lucky enough to help with. We had a list of every single employee of Munchkin, and characteristics of the individual. As the first wall in the waiting room, some may say this may be the first impression of the company, 

I had an art series idea called "Road Kill," that inspired the basketball court. The series was to be created by mixed materials, and would be crime scene displays, with the feature of a luxury item, such as a Birkin Bag, still intact. This concept led to the creation of the new "Road Kill," concept where employees were sketched , and Laker colors were used as crime scene tape make up the lines. 

I was lucky enough to have met my friend RISK through Gregory Siff a few years ago, and he came on board and collaborated with our friend Shepard Fairey in an amazing spin off of their PEACE & JUSTICE collaboration that was featured at Art Basel, in Miami. 

Next, is one of my favorites, and one of my best friends, 2wenty's infamous Facebook Social Cigarettes. 2wenty is well known for this satirical comparison of Facebook with that of "cancer sticks," which he created in 2011, which started as a street art campaign that gained popularity on the west coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles. This piece was one of the most difficult as 2wenty had to hand draw and paint this piece on corrugated metal. 

Mear One, is one of the most talented graffiti artists I have ever had the honor of meeting, knowing, or working with. He created a piece called David & Goliath , which you can see the time lapse video of the making of here.

I was so excited to have Curtis Kulig fly in from New York to create his fun curvy wall. My concept was to have his infamous LOVE ME saying, but Curtis, was in much more of a LOVE mood that day. This was my first time meeting Curtis, and he was so laid back, and couldn't have been nicer.

My wall was based on my series entitled "Next Generation," which is my street art series which includes little children holding satirical signs begging for things they need. The hot pink background really pops, and I decided to include the title of my upcoming show "PLASTIC," in bold letter up top.

The last but not least, is the collaboration with my friends This Means Mar and MadSteez. The lunch room was the most difficult area, because it was such a large and open space. I wasn't sure if I include multiple artists, or just have one artists work on the entire space solo. We held a meeting with This Means Mar and Mad Steez which turned into a great brainstorming session, that won them the job of this monstrous space. Of course everyone loves a good sports theme, but if anyone can do sports well, its these two boys. I am not only friends with these two, but such a fan of their work, and how their two styles come together so well through the bright pops of color. 

I have had a concept of an exterior/interior project for a few years, where I wanted to put synthetic grass inside. This was an amazing opportunity! We had a football field custom hand stitched and laid. This gives the lunch room an exterior feel, although being inside.

I am so excited to finally sure this amazing project with you, and hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. It was so fun to collaborate with friends, and meet new friends through this experience.

“If life is but a dream, please don’t wake me up…” 

Photographer: Amir Tehrani